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A course for those
who have never painted before
and for those who have


W  O  R  K  S  H  O  P


Learn the Art
of Stone Carving

C  L  A  S  S

A course in discovering and recovering your Creative Self

Artist's Way

"To teach someone to take a stone and make it into a flower, a figure, an abstract or whatever is a gift that comes from above. Sharon has that special gift. She truly is an angel sent down here to teach and to motivate others."

- S. McGuiness

Sharon's passion is teaching people how to express themselves creatively. She maintains a devoted clientele of students for over 35 years by her reputation as a mentor and teacher. 

Sharon offers classes, workshops and lectures on unblocking your creativity, expressing one's self intuitively and learning the art of Stone Carving.

“Taking the Artist’s Way with Sharon Gainsburg was a journey of personal enlightenment. As a group, we shared laughter and tears, and in the end, were transformed by our journey. Sharon brought us out of the shadows into the light of our lives.”

- Linda

Unblock Your Creativity



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